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An Abstract of Misadventure & Misfortune

calamity at every corner
Apr 13 '14
50th Anniversary Doctor Who Monopoly & The Angels Take Manhattan.

50th Anniversary Doctor Who Monopoly & The Angels Take Manhattan.

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Mar 30 '14
Sunday bloody Sunday

Sunday bloody Sunday

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Mar 26 '14


You’re alive?!

well I’m tumblring (kind of) two bottles of wine in………. & watching The Shining.  Scott just subtitled it “Don’t Marry A Writer”.  I think we’re both suffering from happiness, if that makes any sense :P

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Mar 26 '14

me-sexual replied to your post: I’m looking at you Maryanne…


DON’T DiE…………….. you dying already is like me happening upon on apparently dead Juliet & me being so distraught that I kill myself so then you wake up from the Frank Is The Worst Fake Person Alive coma & well…………….. let’s not go repeating cycles, yeah?!

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Mar 26 '14

I’m looking at you Maryanne…

I can’t even go on tumblr right now because someone is finally ahead of me in House of Cards but she doesn’t have the same non spoiler post ethic that I have……………………………………………………………………………………..  MARYANNE

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Mar 26 '14
The stars are thick above us in this kind of darkness. You can see how the moon is rough with mountain ranges and etched with rivers and smoothed with oceans. On a night without the moon or stars you can’t see a thing, but you can imagine anything. At least that’s how I remember.
— Chuck Palahniuk - Survivor

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Feb 16 '14
Death smells like birthday cake.
— Maggie Stiefvater - Ballad: A Gathering of Faerie (via calamityxjane)

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Feb 8 '14
& that made all the difference

& that made all the difference

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Feb 2 '14
He wanted to cry quietly but not for himself: for the words, so beautiful and sad, like music.
— James Joyce - A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man

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Feb 1 '14

[good night] & good luck

Take your last words & sleep on it. Have two pills & don’t call me in the morning.

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Jan 24 '14

oh sing sweet [nightingale]


(I only sleep when the birds sing)

my mind runs like the Boston Marathon;
I have sniper synapses —
there’s a bomber in my midst;
& a rockstar on the cover of my dreams but
I’m too exhausted to remember unless
I’ve had enough hydration to hold me —

[let her sleep
for when she wakes
she will move mountains]

even Florence couldn’t save me now—
I’ve picked apart Notes On Nursing &
lately I’ve been the lady with the lamp
making my rounds; discovering ways to
compensate for my sub par serotonin

if you want to do me a favor—
if you want to save my life—
don’t let me fall asleep;
don’t let me stay awake—

I don’t move mountains,
I build them —
I stack my expectations to elevations
requiring altered temperatures & times,
but avalanches of anxiety give way each night

I try to fade into the fallout
triage & tape together bits
of my pulverized pieces left over
after preventable implosions;
pause & strain to listen for
any signs of peace —

my heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains
(I only sleep when the birds sing)

insomnia is anything but idle

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Dec 7 '13

Ladies & gentleman….  Tom Waits.  The man is 64 today & has been legendary for ages. 

Everything you can think of is true.

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Dec 7 '13

ladyfunnybones replied to your post: ladyfunnybones replied to your post: 9…

hahaha. force feed him on my behalf ;)

Hahaha, will do.  Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned I was going to make a pot pie with homemade crust with the leftovers.

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Dec 7 '13

ladyfunnybones replied to your post: 99 problems…

smack him!

when are you coming to visit so we can share you?!

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Dec 7 '13

99 problems…

when you make a man a pot roast ALL DAY & then he drinks & just wants tater tots loaded with cheese & jalapenos. 

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